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As we enter into the season of September, there are some who complain about the “pre holiday warriors.” This shouldn’t be complained about year after year by those who prefer to not see holiday anythings, be advertised or mentioned at all till the season actually arrives. But there are those of us who need to be pre-pared for the holidays. And a week or two before the actual holiday is not enough time to make sure the entire season is planned for an eventful & fun time. So…for those who prefer to stay “in season”, please stop reading now and move along to something September… because Traditions TLC is getting ready for the HOLIDAY SEASON!!!! And, would like to share that this holiday season is going to be very MAGICAL!!!

As we get closer to October, our team has been working like never before to create the holiday menu for our Bay Area babies! We will be serving the 1st time eaters, we love to nanny, very special catered dishes, that are complete meals! The meals this holiday season will be geared for the baby’s 1st holiday meal celebration. We are working in our creative studio, designing the baby food service so that no baby will want to be left out.

Our subscription is set up so the sales tax & delivery fee is all included. For $60/wk, you get 5 baby food meals (40oz), delivered to your door, once a week, by your neighborhood nannies! We always include a protein, a carbohydrate, a fruit, and a vegetable in each meal. All meals are organic, made fresh, delivered to your home, cold & ready to eat. We buy all our ingredients from Whole Foods to insure the very best for your baby’s meals.

You won’t want to miss out on your baby’s 1st holiday meal. Make it special by ordering your baby’s holiday meal. We will be taking baby’s 1st holiday meal orders soon.

Stay tunes…

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