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Q1. What is your business?

A1. TraditionsTLC is a professional homecare referral agency. We provide ample care services and interview and screen professional, nanny; ample care providers. Hiring a nanny is easy with Traditions TLC!

Q2. How are your nanny ample care providers certified?

A2. Our nanny ample care providers have their portfolio’s at hand that include a clean driving record, with a valid drivers license, TB Results, CPR Certificate and their Trust-line (criminal background checks) registry. Traditions TLC also performs reference interviews and we encourage our candidates to work and get to know the ample care nannies who are already on our team.

Q3. How are you different from an au pair or a collage student and other services and live-in nannies?

A3. We are teams of professional executive nannies with ample care nanny experience who are mostly locals. We are established in our own lives as professional nannies living near our clients. Hiring a nanny in your town using Traditions TLC.

Q4. How are appointments done?

A4. Our clients will fill out our request services form, we then send our referral agreement & release of liability forms to be signed and returned, professional nannies become available for interviews to insure you feel comfortable with the person providing you with ample nanny care. Hiring a nanny is fast and easy!

Q5. Transaction process?

A5. All payments are made though online transactions such as Visa, Master, Amex and PayPal.

Q6. What do you charge?

A6. Starts at $25.00 per hour, depending on the care needed (4-hour minimum).

Q7. Where do you get your ingredients for the organic baby food delivery Bay Area?

A7. We buy all ingredients organic from Whole Foods.

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