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Traditions TLC is a company offering childcare solutions across the Bay Area since 2001, and providing organic baby food delivery Bay Area. We love making the lives of our clients easier anyway we can. Since our purpose is to provide care to kids, we naturally know how to provide proper nutrition too, organic baby food delivery Bay Area. You can trust us to make your baby food because you already trust us as your nannies, organic baby food delivery Bay Area. Working in the field as a professional nanny since 2001, with other professional nannies, mothers and caregivers; our company loves offering services we think are unique and special to our clients. Traditions TLC and dR services compliment each other, they have helped solve 2 big problems we face in the nanny industry today.

Traditions TLC was designed to be a real nanny agency where nannies can grow a real career if they had the passion and skill set to deliver the job performances.  Traditions TLC was designed as a sister company to help sustain the nanny career via dR dominiquerose service department, organic baby food delivery Bay Area. It’s kind of like a hair salon who comes out with their own shampoo, except our specialty is organic baby food and our profits go strait to our nannies career at Traditions TLC! That’s why we are the very best choice when it comes to choosing a nanny agency and using our organic baby food delivery Bay Area. Let’s break it down a little more…

Many families have a hard time sustaining a nannies career for more than a year or so and this is a problem. If a nanny is lucky, they will find multiple families with the financial support to sustain the nannies career for more than a year. But even in this case…the nanny still is having to rely solely on the multiple families, their willingness to help sustain the nanny career and it’s not fun being shuffled around the community asking for support.

When a nanny does find a sustainable family to support the nanny career, the job duties can pile up quickly. It is a natural reaction for a family to start feeling more and more comfortable having the nanny take on more duties as time goes on, which can turn into another problem. It happens by accident most times because as the parents feel more confident in the nanny and as the nanny feels more comfortable in the home, it is natural for it to happen. But how are we solving these problems you ask? Keep reading…

Our ‘dR dominiquerose’ line of services is designed to create sustainable jobs to help support the nanny career so we can have the very best nannies working, making money and available for families when needed. The ‘dR dominiquerose’ service is here to help our clients give the nanny the support they need to sustain a long lasting career as a nanny. Problem solved! Next problem…

Our ‘dR dominiquerose’ line of services help our families with those pesky extra chores that pile up. The time and effort ends up, even being to taxing on a nanny’s day. Have you ever heard about the nanny needing a nanny?…it’s happened. Our service department is designed to help you with what we can as nannies through our delivery department by offering our wash 7 fold, ironing, nanny camera tech support and our organic baby food delivery Bay Area. Another problem solved!

Traditions TLC is more than a data base with people waiting to be interviewed. We are team working together every day to make the entire nanny agency industry better for everyone. Please look into our ‘dR dominiquerose’ line of services, including,  pick up & delivery services.

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