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We all can go on line and do a search on the benefits of organic baby food delivery Palo Alto. But what we are going to do organic baby food delivery Palo Alto, is break each food down for our customers and talk about them. Today organic baby food delivery Palo Alto, we are going to simply list these benefits here. Let’s look at the Prevents Cancer one, and really break it down to what it means for your baby. I’ll leave the rest of the benefits for a later blog.

Prevents Cancer
Natural Anti-Biotic
Cleanses Intestines
Great Source of Fiber
Keeps Skin Young & Glowing
Maintains a Healthy Heart
Rich in Calcium
Protects Eyes
Anti Viral

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable, baby food delivery Palo Alto. The vegetables that have cruciferous, like broccoli, have phytochemicals called glucosinolates. This will release protective enzymes when the raw vegetable is chewed. The enzymes are produced in the intestines and are activated as they pass through. The most protective enzyme is sulforaphane, which broccoli has one of  the best sources of from the vegetable family. Broccoli protects mostly against mouth, esophagus and stomach cancer.

With organic baby food delivery Palo Alto, we can help with our organic baby food delivery Palo Alto. Broccoli has been known to help prevent cancer by eating a healthy diet. Organic baby food delivery Palo Alto offers organic Broccoli as a delivery item.

Our subscription is set up so the sales tax & delivery fee is all included. For $60/wk, you get 5 baby food meals (40oz), delivered to your door, once a week, by your neighborhood nannies! We always include a protein, a carbohydrate, a fruit, and a vegetable in each meal. All meals are organic, made fresh, delivered to your home, cold & ready to eat. We buy all our ingredients from Whole Foods to insure the very best for your baby’s meals.

Now serving: Santa Cruz, San Jose, Peninsula, HMB, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Walnut Creek, Concord and surrounding area’s. 


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