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Our meals are designed to teach our Bay Area baby on loving their food. But even if you are not a local of the Bay Area, our organic baby food delivery, San Francisco will give you a guide on how you can make your own baby food from your own home. We offer the basic’s of what to expect while preparing the baby food meals, tips on how to feed your baby to develop the pallet, how to encourage baby memory on making good food choices by incorporating flash cards, what to do after the meal and getting into a baby food routine. So please stay and join our topic as we dive into Organic Baby Food Delivery, San Francisco.

I like to think that introducing the meal, rather than trying to blend the meal in one mush will give your baby more control on what they like. As a professional nanny who has fed many babies, encouraging the baby to learn what they like and dislike early on is key to getting the taste buds adjusted before it’s to late. The goal is to have your baby learn what they are eating so when they become older, they will already have a solid instinctual foundation of a healthy diet.

The first meals we are going to introduce to our clients are very simple and basic. Each meal is made and sold to families across the Bay Area and is not only available as an organic baby food delivery, San Francisco. We purposely do not mix and match, but keep each food separate when bottling. We do this so we can start to teach the baby what they are eating one food at a time. Of course we do encourage mixing and matching on the spoon, but we suggest you find out what your baby loves first before trying to develop the pallet to adjust to something less desirable. And when you do incorporate the more challenging foods, start with favorite flavors gradually working your way to bigger portions of the harder flavors.

When your baby loves one of our basic ingredients, that is the perfect time to show the flash card of that food. Showing the flash card of the great food your baby loves will help your child later when they start on finger foods. Sometimes a baby will love a food until they unknowingly fall victim to toddler peer pressure. If your baby already knows what they love, they will have the opportunity to develop a memory for it when looking at the flash cards after you know they love it. Getting the pallet adjusted first, then showing off the flash card after knowing the baby loves the food, will create a better time. I would take it slow and hide the flash cards of the foods the baby is not taking to until they give you the ok that they like it. Once you start collecting all the flash cards of the foods your baby loves, you will have an easier time picking out your baby’s meals.

It is always very important to talk to your babies Pediatrician before starting any new foods. When you order baby food from us, we will ask you if you need your baby’s food all peeled and how often you would like your baby food delivered. We ask these questions because some babies process the food easier without the peel. We use only organic ingredients because it also helps with the baby’s process of digestion if the food has never been sprayed with any chemicals. So as you can see, there are many other factors to consider besides allergies. Talking to the Pediatrician is crucial during this time.

Our Ingredient’s: Beginners (4-8)

Fruits: Organic Applesauce, Organic Avocado, Organic Banana, Organic Pear
Vegetables: Organic Pumpkin
Carbs: Organic Oatmeal, Organic Rice Cereal,
Protein: Formula and/or Breast Milk (protein not available for delivery)

Breakfast Choices

Apple Cereal Combination
(Organic Applesauce & Organic Oatmeal)

Pear Cereal Combination
(Organic Pear Sauce & Organic Oatmeal)

Lunch or Dinner Choices

Pumpkin Rice Combination Meal
(Organic Pumpkin Puree & Rice Cereal)

Desert Menu Choices

Banana Avocado Combination Meal
(Organic Avocado & Organic Banana)

Pumpkin & Banana Combination Meal
(Organic Pumpkin Puree & Organic Bananas)

Pumpkin, Bananas & Applesauce Trio Treat
(Organic Pumpkin Puree, Organic Bananas & Organic Applesauce)


Now that you have your baby food selections, you are ready to start to introduce your baby new foods. Feeding your baby, finding out what they love and then very slowly developing their pallet to less desired tastes. Showing the flash cards to make it fun and now what??? I am here to let you know there is a whole lot more, so let’s talk about it.

Once your baby is done with their meal, there are some options on how to get in a baby food making routine. You can freeze your baby food or you can make it fresh every other day. Either way, we are here to support you with your baby food style. But even if our readers are not using our organic baby food delivery, San Francisco, we want to help you with your baby food if you are making it at home. All of our services can be done at home.

Freezing baby food after making it in bulk has been popular even as a nanny. I did not even have the time every other day to make baby food for the babies I was a nanny for, even though I was hired to be the nanny. So I understand that for families who don’t have the time, or can’t obtain our organic baby food delivery, San Francisco, freezing is the next best option. When freezing baby food, put the baby food in the freezer with out mixing anything else in it. When you pull the baby food out of the freezer to make a meal, this is the time to mix formula or breast milk in the meal. With baby food, it is a very good idea to toss out the food the baby did not eat after mixing formula or breast milk in. Now is not the time to keep ‘left overs’ because when you are introducing new foods to a baby, we need to make sure we keep it free from bacteria.

Making baby food fresh every other day is the best option for your baby to have the absolutely freshest, most healthy meals possible. Not everyone get’s to enjoy the simple task of making a menu just for the baby, and that’s ok. So don’t feel bad if you are too busy for this section of our organic baby food delivery, San Francisco. But it is still a good idea to know the basic storage rules for organic baby food delivery, San Francisco. When one has the time to make baby food every other day, this is also not a good time to keep left overs. Fresh, fresh, fresh is the name of the game because we are mostly dealing with puree. Puree only last for up to 72 hours, but it is recommended to not be used after 48 hours. And since we are working with babies, as a professional nanny, I always say to put safety first and stick to every 48 hours.

Some other things to keep in mind during the clean up, after baby is done with their meal is to toss out any containers of food you double dipped the spoon in. If your baby eats a bowl of food, it is a very good idea to toss the remaining food out even if you are a saver. Just remember that we are in a special phase of your baby’s life and these moment of tossing out food will only be during these precious moment of introducing new foods to your baby’s body. When your baby becomes a toddler and starts to eat finger foods, then all the savers and left over people can go back to their thrifty ways. (But still be careful when taking lunches packed with meats on daily adventures, this topic we will save for the toddler food style blog just wanted to add a little side note.)

Now that we have the important stuff out of the way, like making sure your pediatrician is involved, staying away from bacteria, not freezing formula or breast milk after mixing it in baby food. Deciding if you are going to commit to making fresh baby every 48 hours or if you are going to be freezing it. Baby food routine is crucial if you are going to make your baby food from home. Unless you are willing to rely on store bought food, you need a baby food routine. And let’s face it… even if you decide to freeze the baby food, it’s a lot of work. So let’s get organized and in routine!

Some things that help with a routine are to know when you plan your grocery visits. Luckily even if you are making fresh baby food every 48 hours, it is nice that you don’t necessarily have to go to the super market that often. A couple times a week should be good. If you have baby food storage containers and/or baby food ice trays, this will make your life much easier when you are cooking and storing the food. It is even a good idea to buy a special place setting for your baby. Having such as their own bowl, spoon and cup is never a bad thing. If you look around you will see there are some amazing products out there. For example, there are baby spoons that change color if the food is too hot to feed to the baby.

We know it can be overwhelming to have a baby food routine, especially for busy families. So as a professional nanny, I have developed my baby food routine so much over time and am happy to share what we like at organic baby food delivery, San Francisco. If you have a difficult time with your baby food routine, it’s ok to use the food at the super market as a back up.

Some other things to consider are whether or not you want to use BPA containers or glass. Some say that it is better to use a sippy cup rather than straw cups because it delays the child’s ability to drink from a normal cup when they get older. What do you think about these topics? As a nanny, I have always felt that it is up to the parents on deciding these things. All the kids I have ever cared for have all survived the style the parent chooses for their baby food routine.

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