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Developing your babies pallet can be tricky, so picking from our menu will allow you to introduce a variety of the most healthy foods to your new eater! It’s never been more fun for you to see what your baby likes to eat! Mix and match to provide the many different options so your baby can have fun exploring their taste buds. When you discover a favorite flavor, you can mix into less desired flavors. This helps the taste buds adjust to ease your baby into liking the taste of new foods, until the baby’s pallet develops. This is how you can get your baby to love all the foods other babies might reject. Introducing healthy foods to your baby will create a safe, fun, experiences and will create eating habits for their future.

We also include flash card of what the baby is eating. For example, if you ordered broccoli, rice, blueberries and chicken. We include 4 flash card with a picture of what broccoli, rice, blueberries and chicken look like. When your baby is an infant and can see what the food they are eating really looks like, this will help from future peer pressure. If a baby can see that the food they are eating early on instead of learning that when they start on finger foods, you can train them to know what they like early on. Sometimes kids can get confused later on when other kids tell them something is good or not. If your child knows what they like and do not like from the start, they will not be swayed to think otherwise just because they didn’t know what the food looked like when it was mush.

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