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I can’t say enough about Dominique. She is full of energy and she has a can-do attitude. She is a consummate professional and takes care of the kids ( I have 2, ages 5 & 6 ) as if they were her own–careful, attentive, fun, disciplined, neat, healthy, knowledgeable and really a person who will take the reins without constant micro-managing. You really pay-for-what-you-get. Dominique also has a plethora of resources and contacts to place nannies and caregivers as well.

-Ingrid S.


Traditions TLC is great! I’ve been using them for occasional babysitting for about 8 years now. I know Dominique and she works hard to make her customers happy. She really cares about her clients and most importantly supports my family and especially my children. I feel like she puts her clients and offering good service first. When ever my kids spend time with a babysitter from Traditions TLC’s, they are all smiles and feel cared for. When I use them, I always request the same sitter, which is nice as it makes me and my family feel more comfortable. Very reliable, friendly and trustworthy!

-Gillian P.


I have been using Traditions TLC since they started and Dominique has known my kids for several years. Dominique and her team have never let me down and have been able to fill in a sometimes complicated schedule with pick-ups and drop offs and lessons without missing a beat. She has even made last minute needs easy and stress free. The kids have loved every nanny we have met through Traditions TLC and most of the time she is able to get a familiar nanny to fill in for the last minute events too.

-Jeff N.


My family needed a nanny to share for my entire family. Our family nanny needs became apparent when multiple homes and afterschool activities were too much for us because of time restrictions. We needed someone who could help with pick-ups and drop offs, date nights, and pet care. We also needed help with making sure the kids homework, school uniforms, sports uniforms, lunch essentials and back packs were organized and properly distributed for use in each home. We still use the service and are happy with the overall experience. It’s easy to contact Dominique if I need to contact her. And she always tries her best to provide solutions to our nanny needs.

-Ryan B.


I have been using Traditions TLC since they opened and have known Dominique for over 10 years. Dominique or her agency has never let me down. Very reliable, honest and I know that when I need a nanny for big jobs, or small jobs, that I can depend on them. I have referred them to friends and family and still do.

-Carolyn C.


I got to see Dominique in action when she cared for one of our clients at the Recreation Center for the disabled that I work at. She was professional, energetic and very attentive to the person in her care. Not only did Dominique get her client involved in activities but she also got several others to participate in a weekly Yoga class where she taught movements that were accommodating for people with disabilities.
I would recommend Dominique to any person who needs quality care for the people they care about.

-Jeff E.


I’m 11 years old. I’ve known Dominique since I was a baby. She makes very good pancakes, with strawberries on top with syrup drizzling down the sides like beautiful waterfalls. Dominique is the best nanny I’ve ever had, I am so close to her that I feel like she is more than a nanny to me. We have also done paddle boarding, ice skating, horse back riding, I love shopping with her, watching movies, kayaking, walking the dogs and hanging out.

-Sophine R.


I have been babysat by a Tradtions TLC babysitter. I love them! We played tennis,went shopping, went to the park, had lunch and treats after. As a kid, I say they are good!

-Siana D.


Dominique has been our nanny for 11 year old daughter since she was 7 months old. She is diligent, trust-worthy and very hard working. We now consider her part of our family. TLC is available for anyone who would like that care and attention. She makes sure that she carefully screens your caretaker to best suit your needs. Her scope of care is truly amazing! I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know, as I have done in the past.

-Heidi A.


Dominique has been our nanny for four years now and I trust her to drive my daughter who is disabled. She has babysat my son and they play games, swim and she reads to him too. She helped me pack my kitchen and is always cheerful and helpful.

-Annie S.


Dominique was our family’s nanny for 5 years till we moved to Arizona in 2009. Even though we moved, she has maintained a relationship with my family by visiting us and helping us when she can. And through that time I have gained a lot of respect for her. Dominique and I have had the chance to discuss her business ventures, and I like to offer her advice when she needs it. Her dedications to grow, develop, and make Traditions TLC a success is her main focus. I know she is very passionate about taking care of her clients and loves the kids she helps everyday. I would recommend anyone needing nanny services to use Traditions TLC.

-Jeremy A.


To Whom it May Concern:

Dominique Rose served as a full-time nanny for my children between April and May 2014. She cared for my three children ages 7, 9, and 11. I recommend her for future employment. She was very dependable, hard working and honest. Dominique has a kind-hearted, energetic and nurturing personality.

She helped me with driving and helped the children in their activities and with homework. She transported my children to local activities. Fed them adequate snacks in the afternoon. She was very creative with activities to do with our children.

She was very understanding, even when having to work overtime.


-Olivier & Caroline D.


To Whom it May Concern:

My family was very lucky to have Dominique Rose as our full time nanny for almost 2 years (October 2011 to May 2013). Ms Rose cared for my three children, currently ages 6, 4, and 2. I highly recommend her for any future nanny or child care worker position.

Ms. Rose is an energetic and loving person. She is conscientious, reliable and dependable. She is truly passionate about working with children and about helping the family. Of her strengths, I most appreciated her ability to set clear boundaries, her focus on rewarding good behavior, and her ability to build loving, trusting relationships with all three children. She  cooked meals for the children and proactively organized play dates. She drove my kids to/from school and was always very safety-conscious. It is important to note that she start working with us when my youngest son was only 6 months old and my oldest was 5- her skills range from taking care of small babies to older children. She took care of bathing, napping and feeding the youngest, while also helping the oldest with homework. She devotes her full attention to the chidden, ready and able to step in and give them what they need, while at the same time knowing when to step back and give them the independence to do things for themselves. She also proactively took on extra duties when she had time including laundry, taking out the garbage and light shopping.

Over the course of our working relationship, I looked to Ms. Rose to be a partner in raising my children to be healthy, responsible, caring members of the community. She is well-liked by the other parents of my children’s friends and also by the teachers and other caregivers she came into contact with.

In summary, M. Rose displayed the qualities that make a nanny successful. she is very reliable, trustworthy, motivated, and ready to take on the requirements of taking care of chidden and helping a family. Once again, I highly recommend her for a nanny position.


-Amie O.


Dominique has cared for our children for four years now, and we have not met her match. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and skills far exceed those of any other assistant we have employed. We always know we can depend on her and the children absolutely love her. She is a true gem.

-Dr. Liza P.


I travel to Palo Alto and when I do I use Traditions TLC when I am in town. I have been very happy with their service. I have 2 kids who are 8 and 13 years old. The sitter is always engaging with my kids and they get sad when the babysitting time is up. I would recommend this agency and have in the past.

-Tara L.


Parents & Guardians,

I wanted to say that working with Dominique was a joy. She has wonderful manners and morals. She is so kind and sweet, especially with babies! But even thou she has a special way with babies, she also knows how to entertain toddlers as well. She is very special & soft & gentle! I think she is a valuable addition to any family who would have her in their home.


-Jennifer P.





Our first Nanny had to leave because she was pregnant and going to have the baby soon. Our daughter was also starting kindergarten, so we were a little concerned about all of the changes happening at the same time!

We weren’t concerned about how to find a Nanny. We knew that Traditions TLC would help find the perfect Nanny for our family.

The last time, we had it easy and were able to hire the first person that we interviewed. This time, it took a little longer.

In the end, we interviewed three people. All of the candidates were very well qualified. The third candidate was perfect, so we hired her.

Dominique was very helpful throughout the process. She made sure that we had candidates that met our needs and she was diligent about getting additional candidates to interview.

The most important thing was that we only had to talk to a very few candidates and all of the people we did talk to were very well qualified for the assignment.

The person that we did hire turned out to be absolutely perfect! She and my daughter hit it off right away! We feel very satisfied with the person that we hired and are very satisfied with the service Traditions TLC provided.

If you need a Nanny, Traditions TLC is definitely the way to go.

-Bill E.


I’ve been knowing Dominique for over 4 years and she has been through some storms and back but with God’s help she got through it all. I was there when she started Traditions TLC and there’s no other person I would trust with my kids or my pets. She’s an honest, hardworking, stick by you type of young lady.

-Jaclyn A

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