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TraditionsTLC offers nanny team care solutions for busy families. We realize people have a need for extra pairs of helping hands for assistance with household chores, errands, nurturing, cooking, and driving. Traditions TLC will help you find the best nanny team for your family, to ensure quality service and maximum satisfaction.

A nanny’s job is, first and foremost, to take care of children and provide them with a safe, stimulating, and loving environment. At Traditions TLC we ensure that all our nannies are quality people that can provide everything for the child that the family needs.

Full-time nannies work 35 to 55 hours per week and part-time nannies work from 20 to 35 hours per week. Benefits that are also usually included: paid bank holidays off if the nannies day falls on a holiday and compensation if the family cancels on the nanny the day she has scheduled to work. Reimbursement for day-to-day child expenses are also expected.