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Your Baby’s Food

Note: Always consult with your Pediatrician before starting your baby on new foods.

Developing your babies pallet can be tricky, so picking from this menu will allow you to introduce a variety of the most healthy foods to your new eater! It’s never been more fun for you to see what your baby likes to eat! Mix and match to provide the many different options so your baby can have fun exploring their taste buds. When you discover a favorite flavor, you can mix into less desired flavors. This helps the taste buds, to ease into the taste of new foods, until the baby’s pallet develops. This is how you can get your baby to love all the foods other babies reject. Introducing healthy foods to your baby will create a safe, fun, experiences and will create eating habits for their future.

Our Prices
/$10 per meal /4 Jars in each meal /Jars are filled with 2.5 oz. of baby food & choose from our following menu items…


Vegetables in July

/Beets /Carrots /Cauliflower /Cucumber /Broccoli /Corn /Eggplant /Green Beans /Peas /Squash, summer /Tomatoes

-All our vegetables are bought from local markets and are fresh.-

Fruits In July

/Melons /Peaches /Blueberry /Strawberry /Raspberries /Grapes

-All our basic fruits are bought from local markets and are fresh.-


Traditions TLC is a company offering childcare solutions across the Bay Area since 2001. We love making the lives of our clients easier anyway we can. Since our purpose is to provide care to kids, we naturally know how to provide proper nutrition too. Working in the field as a professional nanny since 2001, working close with other professional nannies, mothers and caregivers; our company loves offering services we think are unique and special to our client families. Ingredients are all bought from local markets and are fresh!

We deliver to you home!

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