What is Ample Care?

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We love to be part of the natural flow of households as “nannies”; that is why Traditions TLC has coined the term “Ample Care” for a new modern day household service. We are introducing this new service as a standard part of our understanding of what all entails in keeping a household running in order.

An Ample Care provider is a professional from Traditions TLC who is hired and is able and performs not only nanny care services, but who are also equipped to perform non medical elder care, personal assisting, housekeeping, pet care, office executive helpers, who are even able to offer Stanford students Ample care too! We are true caregiving professionals.

The term Ample Care Provider was coined by my experience working as a professional nanny. Every family was unique and had their own parenting styles, and they all loved their families very much. Every family also seemed to want to treat their nannies right too. But sometimes, when mothers who already were juggling so much were left to hire someone…it sometimes become a surprise later that they didn’t really need a nanny. They needed Ample Care.

One of the kept quite, hot topics, that is most talked amongst nannies are complaints of being hired as a nanny, but then having to perform duties that are considered outside traditional nanny duties. (I know this because I have worked in the field as a nanny dating back since 2001).

So why not revamp the industry and update these terms, so we can all understand what a nanny really is today. A modern day nanny, today, should be considered as Ample Care giver. Someone who prefers to give the client what they need and want, who is not only limited to providing nanny care.

We would like to shift the conversations and professional titles from, what a nanny would be discussing in a regular nanny circle, into what an Ample Care provider should be talking about with their fellow peers. We want to create a house culture, team building and have more opportunities for professionals to come together and feel good about their career path. We want to continue to find ways in keeping our communities united and safe. Why…?

Because that is what a true Ample Care provider does.


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