Why I Became a Nanny

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Why I became a Nanny

My parents were amazing parents; they always did their best to provide a great life for my brothers and me. But something very tragic happened to my parents, and it took a toll on their life. I am so proud of my mom and dad for their courage and ability to take life into their own hands. They made it… a new life for themselves; they succeeded at their life to become stable and successful. But…it came at a cost.

When my parents divorced, my life became a rollercoaster. I was 10 when it all started. I went to many middle schools, switching from state to state, moving from Florida, Washington D.C, San Diego, Texas and Utah. By this time…I felt doomed. My dad had moved on with his new wife and step kids, having little to no contact with me for 12 years. My mom had her hands full with her new husband and step kids; she was always there for me though.

I decided to be like my parents and take life into my own hands. They made a new life, so why couldn’t I? Except that I was only a kid…who got a judge to rule in my favor for emancipation.

I always knew what I wanted in life, even though sometime I did make some mistakes during the path. I wanted to be a loving, kindhearted wife and mother first and foremost, and create something for the better of our world.

So…when I was 20 years old, I decided to move close to smart people. At the time it was 1999, I was in Utah studying at Dixie College and working as a pre-school aid. So I thought, why not move to Stanford and go to Stanford Singles Ward (Mormon church) so I could study the gospel and try to get some traction and resolution for my life goals.

Then after meeting some nannies at my church, decided that I could really get a feel for how “normal” families interacted. After my rollercoaster life, up till this point, I didn’t understand what a healthy family was. And if I was going to become a mother and a wife to some amazing kids and a man…I better figure out the ins and outs of what really goes on in the houses of the families. I was hired by many families and loved learning from all the amazing mothers who taught me how to be a great homemaker.

So there it is folks…the reason  as to why I became a nanny, besides the fact that I love to help kids, moms and their families.

15 years later…I have an MRS degree.

But…I have seen so many not so pleasant things in this field; that need the help of professional executive nannies (like myself). This industry is a hot mess and since I know I can start planting the seeds in making changes that not only will help with the professionalism that is so desperately needed in most homes who employ nannies, but we will have more opportunities on keeping our kids safer in each community Traditions TLC teams operate in, because of our ‘house culture’ ‘team building’ ‘professional nanny meetings’ that we are now doing.

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